My top 5 most Overrated Players in Baseball

Number 5: Carl Crawford- I like Carl Crawford he’s from my hometown in Houston. Sorry buddy you aren’t worth the 120 million the Red Sox paid you last winter. You struggled big time in every aspect in your game especially average wise and defensively. Hopefully 2012 will be better for you in Bean Town

Number 4: A.J Burnett- Sorry A.J your like that Katy Perry song” Hot and Cold”. Your not worth the 82 million they paid you back in the winter of 08. You have posted an ERA of over 5 these last 2 seasons in the Pinstripes. That isn’t going to get in done when your playing for the NY Yankees.

Number 3: Alfonso Soriano- I really feel bad for the Cubs, they can’t win a World Series and they can’t get rid of Soriano’s contract. When you strikeout more than walk that’s a big problem. For now the cubs are stuck with the enigma that is Alfonso Soriano.

Number 2: Jason Bay- Close your eyes Met fans!!!. This guy has been damn near useless ever since he joined the Mets. Injuries have played a part but really Jason im sick of hearing the excuses of the big ball park( Citi Field). You paid to be a big time hitter and so far since you have signed with the Mets, you haven’t done anything big.

Number 1: Jose Reyes: I said who ever paid Jose Reyes over 90 million dollars would be a sucker. Well you guessed it the Miami Marlins were that sucker would 100 million to mr. reyes. Reyes is a good player but he’s not a great player and he has trouble staying healthy. Damn Miami i feel sorry for you guys already!


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