My 5 most Disappionting Teams in the 1st half of the season.

5) The Washington Wizards: Ugh Where do i start with the Wizards. I actually expected the Wizards to take a bit of a step forward this season but i guess i was wrong. There 4-17 so far this season, fighting the Charlotte Bobcats for the worst record in the NBA. This team has some talent on it with John Wall, Nick Young, Javale Magee and Andre Blatche. This team ranks near the bottom of the league when it comes to scoring and assists. The Wizards also rank pretty high in turnovers and that is not gonna get it done. This young crop of talent should be competing for the playoffs but instead they’ll be fighting probably for the top pick in NBA Draft come June.

4) The Los Angeles Lakers: I thought coming into the season the Lakers were gonna feature Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol much more this season. Well so much for that Idea!. I kinda feel bad for Kobe Bryant, he’s doing his thing while the others aren’t pulling the slack. I know the Lakers are over .500 but this is a team that struggles to score and has difficulty stopping opposing point guards. I really don’t see any toughness from the Lakers also and Pau Gasol isn’t the same Gasol who won back 2 back rings with LA. On the bright side they have 2 1st picks so that should make them better in the future.

3) The Golden State Warriors: I like Mark Jackson and in time i believe he will do a good job in Oakland but so far in the 1st half of the season it just isn’t working out. Stephen Curry’s ankle injuries haven’t helped matters and they struggle defensively to keep teams out of the paint.

2) The Boston Celtics: If the Playoffs started today the Celtic’s would be in the Playoffs but the bad news they’d play the Miami Heat. I think Boston’s big 3 is on their last legs quite simply. If they do make the Playoffs i think they’d get knockout out in the 1st round. They have been getting things together of late after that very poor start they had. I just don’t see Boston’s trademark Defensive Intensity and the Swagger that they use to play with. Boston used to bully teams inside with Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins. Well it’s safe to say that the Perkins trade has been a bust and Kevin Garnett doesn’t look like himself anymore. I probably think this will be Doc Rivers final year as the Cektics head coach oh well least he can say he won a ring.

1) The New York Knicks: My most disappointing team this yr so far has got to be the New York Knicks. I remember when the Knicks traded for Carmello Anthony, the city was in an uproar and a buzz. So far this yr, the knicks have been inept on Offensive and still have no darn clue how to play Defense with the exception of Tyson Chandler. Amare Stoudimare isn’t hitting his patented jumper with precision like he was last yr. Carmello has been bothered with injuries this season and it has been affecting him. The knicks can’t settle on a point guard and that isn’t good with the NBA becoming a point guard leauge. I think Mike D’Antoni is probably a lame duck coach who won’t be back next yr. They don’t have a lst round pick again this yr. Don’t expect Baron Davis to save the knicks problems because he’s just an above average point guard at this stage of his career. There is time for the knicks to salvage the season and make the playoffs but they must play as team and start committing to the defensive side of the ball.


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