Carolina vs Duke

Every since i was a young kid there was always one college basketballĀ game i looked forward to and it’s Carolina- Duke. I love this rivarly, i have already gotten calls from my relatives in Charlotte aka Carolinaville saying how Carolina will murder Duke this season. This game man i love it, all the great former players and the memories they gave to their former schools. This rivalry to me is steeped in history, tradition, hate and just flat out nastiness. I have family in North Carolina but i am the only one who cheers for Duke, yea i like to be different. My uncle refers to duke as, ” those people from Durham”. I have cousins who can’t stand Coach K and everything else about Duke. This game to me reminds me of the rich and privallged(Duke) vs the hard workers(North Carolina). I can see why both colleges lure great recruits every season. On Carolina side it’s that baby blue, all the greats who come before you and being part of the Carolina Legacy. On the Duke side it’s wear Duke on chest, being hated on in every area in college sports, playing for Coach K and winning Championships. For my money this is the best rivalry in college sports and probably the only rivalry that can compare to the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry in pro sports. The memories i have are priceless like Jeff Capel hitting a half court 3 at the buzzer to send the game into Over Time back in the 90’s. Chris Duhon racing down the court in 2004 to beat Carolina in Chapel Hill. Carolina just killing Duke with it’s fast pace tempo in 2009. A freshman named Tyler Hansborough ending J.J Reddick’s Senior Night in disgust and disappiontment in 2006. Yea i never like anything about Tyler Hansborough just like Carolina fans never liked JJ Reddick or Christian Laettner. I remember when Gerald Henderson smacked Tyler Hansborough in the face and blood was dripping from his nose. Last year the games were very good, in the first game Duke rallied from a big halftime deficit to beat Carolina in Durham. In the second game Carolina beat Duke for the ACC Championship. In the 3rd game Duke beat down Carolina to claim the ACC Tournament Trophy. Now in tonight’s game, I see Carolina winning. Carolina has the best point guard in college basketball in Kendall Marshall and the best front court in college basketball with John Henson, Tyler Zeller and Harrison Barnes. Duke comes to Chapel Hill tonight coming off a tough lossĀ against Miami at home. I think Austin Rivers will have a tough time manuvering between shot blockers like Zeller and Henson. Kendall Marshall will do what he normally does and that’s be the general and quarterback of 1 of the best teams in country. My two x factors are Harrison Barnes and Duke’s 3 point shooting. If Duke makes 3’s then this game will be interesting and if Harrison goes off this might end up being a blow out. Carolina is clicking on all areas right now while Duke limps in on a loss but they won’t be at a loss for heart and effort tonight. So it’s simple Ladies and Gentlemen. As the great Dick Vitale would say” Yea baby it’s Carolina- Duke!!!!!!!!!!”. This Rivalry is 8 miles of road, it has 2 sides of Blue but which side are you on?

Carolina -Duke!


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