Drew’s Top 5 Most Clutch Players in the NBA


5) Carmello Anthony- Personally Caremello Anthony is my favorite Basketball player, he has always been ever since he entered the leauge in 2003. He took Denver on his back back when he was a rookie back in 03-04. He should have won the Rookie of Year the back then. Melo has hit some great game winning shots for both Denver and the Knicks. He put Dallas in 3-0 hole in 2009 West Semifinals with a game winning shot. He put the knicks on his back in a game 2 loss where he scored 42 points against Boston.

4)Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk finally got the monkey of his back when won a championship against Miami last yr. Dirk finally got his ring but most of all Dirk finally got his respect from his peers and all the haters out there. Dirk is quite simply the best shooting big man ever and the best European ever to grace the NBA

3)Kevin Durant- KD 35 is a matchup nightmare for anyone that is guarding him. He is my pick this year for MVP and i think he will win it. The Thunder are the best team in the Western Conference and Durant is leading the charge. He hit a huge game winner over the Mavericks a couple months ago. He plays biggest in the biggest games and will only continue to get better.

2)Dwanye Wade- He already has one ring and if Lebron James played up to his par in the Finals he would have another ring. He is for sure clutch in my book, taking his team on his back when he was a rookie in 03-04. He took home the Finals MVP when Miami beat Dallas in 4 straight games to win the Championship.

1)Kobe Bryant- Kobe Bryanyt is still is the best player in the game by far. He still league in scoring and can play lockdown defense when you need him to. Kobe has 5 Championships in Bank and also has 2 Finals MVP’s to his credit. One of my favorite Kobe moments was when he dunked on Dwight Howard in his Rookie Season. When the Black Mamba gets that look in his eye, mark it down cause it’s game over. He has hit numerous game winners and his Legend in Laker Land will only continue to grow.


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