5 Prospects the Dallas Cowboys Must Look at during the 2012 NFL Scotuing Combine


5) Alameda Ta’amu- The one thing you need to know about this guy is that he’s huge and he checks in at 335lbs. If you look at all the dominant 3-4 teams in the NFL, they have that anchor in the middle that clogs up the running game. This big fella clogs up the running game and can cause havoc in your backfield by getting to the quarterback.

4) Kendall Reyes- I really Kendall Reyes, this guy right here has some nasty to him and love it when defensive players have that type of quality. I saw this guy at the Senior Bowl constantly making a living in the opposition’s backfield and he the ability to get a good pass rush from a 5 technique.

3) Mark Barron- Now Mr. Barron won’t be at the Scouting Combine because a double hernia injury. This will probably drop his stock in the NFL Draft coming up in April but if he’s there in the 2nd round you must take him. This guy a playmaker and i will guarantee whoever picks Barron will get a steal. He was the senior leader who helped bring home a National Championship to the Alabama Crimson Tide in January.

2) Courtney Upshaw- When i think Upshaw i think pressure and if the cowboys got this guy it would take a whole lot of pressure of Demarcus Ware on the other side. This guy is a Offensive Tackle’s Worst Nightmare because he just keeps coming and won’t quit. Just think Dallas fans Ware and Upshaw together will make quarterbacks Sunday Afternoon’s very scary!

1) Dre Kirkpatrick- I have had my eye on Dre Kirkpatrick ever since he dissed my Texas Longhorns on National Signing Day in 2009 and joined the Alabama Crimson Tide. He made a wise choice, two National Championships in three years very good. It’s safe to say that Terrence Newman won’t be back in a cowboy jersey. Dallas has huge need at corner and Kirkpatrick would come right in and fill that void. Dre stands at 6’3, he pyhsical and plays man-man press coverage better than corner in the Draft. He’s a top 10 talent but could slide at 14 because of some character issuses that occured a few weeks ago. If he’s there at 14 no question the cowboys will pull the trigger.


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