Kevin Durant, A case for MVP


Before the NBA Season started I picked Kevin Durant to win the Most Valuable Player award for the NBA this year. Let’s take it back to NBA Draft night 2007 when Greg Oden was picked Number One over Kevin Durant well it’s safe to say that Durant will have the better career because Oden has yet to play one full season in the NBA. Kevin Durant is an elite superstar in the league and he has led his Oklahoma City Thunder to the best record in the NBA thus far this season. Durant is the unquestioned leader for the Thunder and will not hesitate to stick a 35 foot three in your face, drive by you and dunk on you for an ESPN top 10 play of SportsCenter. Durant is big time and he plays his biggest on the biggest stages. This guy rises to challenge and when the game is on the line he is the Thunder’s go to guy. On Defense he’s not the greatest defender but he uses his long arms to his advantage to get steals, rebounds and he makes shooters take tough shots because of his long frame. Kevin Durant to me thus far has been the MVP because of the clutch shots he hits, the way he leads the Thunder into every game and the willingness to take over a game when need be. Last yr he had the Thunder on the brink of an NBA Title but lost to Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals but it would surprise this yr if his team is in the NBA Finals and cutting down the nets for an NBA Championship


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