Inexcusable Actions


Yesterday when i heard the Greg Williams audio i was shocked, disgusted and appalled. I always hear NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell  always says it’s a privilege to play and coach in the NFL and not a right. Well Greg Williams in opinion, you violated that right and I don’t think you should be allowed to coach in the NFL again. You were telling players to go after opponents head and legs. You were telling your players to go after a guys ACL. Plain and simple i was disgusted and i won’t feel sorry for you if you do get a lifetime ban from the NFL. This guy was coaching his players with the intent to injure and Mame. I understand coaches want to get their players fired up, some of them use the terms: Hit em in the mouth or Be Physical all day long. It’s already bad enough that the New Orleans Saints are still reeling from the loss of their head coach Sean Payton in the bounty scandal but this puts an even more black eye on the city and the franchise. Football is my favorite sport in the world, hell I’ll even call myself a football junkie. I wish i could get the chance to coach players and give them speeches to up lift them going into a big game but what Greg Williams did was just flat out wrong. Football is already violent enough and there is no place in sport for this.


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