Step Up or Step Off


There comes a pivotal point in a playoff series where a team is backed into a corner and that moment is now for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The San Antonio Spurs have held serve at their venue and lead the Western Conference Finals 2-0. So far the Thunder have been dominated by the Spurs Big 3: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli and Tim Duncan. The Thunder had control of game 1 but lost the lead late in the game when the Spurs made the crucial plays down the stretch to preserve a victory. In game 2 it was just too much Tony Parker as he sliced and diced the Thunder pick and roll defense. 

  This is the first time all Playoffs long that thunder have faced some kind of adversity. They swept the defending champion Dallas Mavericks and easily dumped the Los Angeles Lakers in five games. The Spurs have been getting easy buckets in the paint while the Thunder are settling for outside jump shots. In order for the Thunder to get back into the Series they have to do a couple of things. Get the crowd up early and often and put the spurs into an early hole. Guys like Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins have to be a presence defensively and rebounding wise. We know that Kevin Durant will get his but it’s the roll players like Derek Fisher, Thabo Sefolosha and the NBA’s 6th man of the yr James Harden that have to step up if the Thunder want to get back into the series.

The Spurs have won twenty straight games going back to the tail end of the season. The Thunder must come out aggressive and play with swagger because if they don’t this series is all but over. Russell Westbrook must contain Tony Parker in lane because if Mr. Parker gets going it will be just like Game 2 all over again. The thing that amazes me about the Spurs is that they go under the radar every season and seem to be one of the NBA’s top teams year in and year out. It’s imperative for the Thunder to win Game tonight if they want any hope of coming back into this series and it’s Game 3 that usually swings the Momentum of a series. So it’s simple Oklahoma City Step Up or else you will be going home.


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