Home Away From Home


Welcome to Houston, Texas home to Beyonce Knowles, big corporate business and it’s where i was born. We call Houston the 3rd coast because it’s our little slice of paradise and we are the biggest and best city in Texas. When i think of Houston i just think of days where i was young and carefree. The culture is a little different down here, it isn’t slow but things move at a temperate pace which is just how we like it. The language is a bit different down here in Texas, we say words like: Trill, Throwed, Mobbing, Already and of course Knowmtalmbout. The Days are hotter but the women down here are even hotter cause H-Town is the home of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Latoya Luckett.

I feel right at home when i hear songs like: Knowmtalmbout by Kirko Bangz and Paull Wall, I’m a G by Lil Keke and BirdMan, My Block by Scarface and just about anything by UGK. I’m light skinned so i always get refereed to as a yellow bone and brothers call white girls snow bunnies. I’m not much of drinker but you always gotta have that lean aka that Purple Drank in your cup. My cousins always make me feel like i never left even though i moved at age 6 and they always have a big welcome home banner waiting for me. In Houston I’m strictly some shorts, Jordans and a T-Shirt. Every time i head back on the plane, i take one last look at the Houston Skyline and think what could have been had i spent all my life here.


I moved to Brooklyn, New York on June 7, 1995 and it’s been 17 yrs of pure wild and craziness. To be honest i couldn’t stand New York when i first moved here. Everything was so different and it wasn’t what i was used to growing up in Texas. In Texas we had big wide open spaces and in New York open space doesn’t really exist. I was the knew kid in school so i was very easy to pick on because i look different, sounded different and spoke different. There was so many times where i begged my mom to move us back but she always stood firm saying” Baby I love you very much but we aint going back”.

When i was seven i wrote a poem called ” Short Days and Long Nights”. It was just kind of symbolic of how i was feeling at the time, plus in the apartment where I grew up in sometimes there wasn’t any heat or hot water. I remember the day December 21, 1999 like it was yesterday and that was day some one broke into our apartment and stole damn near about everything plus it was only four days til Christmas. I remember coming home looking around seeing nothing, only silence is what i heard. I still think about til this day thinking how could someone do that especially around Christmas.

It really took me about five years to get used to New York but then again my parents relationship was coming to an end. In 2001 they divorced and i was sent to live with my grandma for a while and it was probably the best thing at the time. I used to go to my grandma’s house a lot when i was younger just to get from all that was going on. I grew up in Brooklyn so you know i was influenced by the Notorious B.I.G, Jay-z and many other New York City rappers.

I think New York is the best city in the world but it’s also one of the hardest places to grow up in. Anyone that tells you it’s easy to grow up here in NY is lying. It’s a struggle to pay your bills on time, to put food on your plate, have clothes on your back but i wouldn’t trade it for anything. New York has taught me how to have thick skin, think quickly on my toes and always strive for excellence no matter what I’m doing.

In Brooklyn we say words like: Yo you wiling, what’s good, Pause and many other slang terms. In winter it’s strictly Thermals and Timbs. In the summer time: it’s uptown’s and polo’s. You can meet just about anybody from anywhere on the face of this earth. It’s truly the city that never sleeps because even at 3am there probably something going on outside. Texas is my birthplace and I’ll always consider it home but New York is what molded me to become a better person. I can honestly say that i take a lot of pride in being a New Yorker and a Texan. I thank my parents because they let me see two sides of life and not many people can say that.


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