An Unfair Fight


When i was 16 coming from school one Afternoon i saw something that was very cruel and heartless. I saw a couple arguing but this wasn’t any ordinary argument because this guy slapped his girlfriend about three times in face before hauling her off in his car by her hair. The slaps were so loud and i can still her the girl’s faint cries for help. I was mortified for the girl but i was disgusted by the guys actions. I thought to myself how a guy want seriously hurt or put his hands on any female like that. I always wondered what ever happened to that girl and did she ever get out of that horrific situation.

Domestic Violence is Physical, Mental or Emotional abuse one spouse does to another. I don’t think anyone should put their hands on one another in a relationship because it’s just flat out wrong and it sends the wrong message if you have children.Some kids who see Domestic Abuse up close and personal are likely to struggle in school, have depression issues and worst of all repeat this awful cycle. I personally could never see myself raising my hands to woman because i was brought up with having respect and compassion for all women. I think that if a spouse raises their hands to you it means they have no remorse, no compassion or heart for you.

Most of the time we like to sweep domestic violence under the rug but it has a nasty way of coming to the surface. I think we all have been affected by some sort of domestic violence, whether it be directly or indirectly. A mans job in the household is to protect and provide but if your beating up on your spouse then you’ve failed as a man. Many times in the relationship the abuser will say,” Your stupid, You can’t do anything right, It’s all your fault and Your good for nothing”. To me that’s just another way of keeping the person down and no one deserves to be talked to or treated like that. A lot of times women are embarrassed by what’s going and the worst thing you can do is blame yourself. Just know that it’s never too late to get help and get out. So if you see something say something or call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

Remember It’s never too late to get help and get out.


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