Backed Into a Corner


I recently heard about a 12 yr old boy who committed suicide about a month ago. The reason he committed suicide was because he was bullied on a constant basis for over a long period of time. The 12 yr old boy name was Joel Morales and they are thousands of kids like Joel Morales who live in fear because of bullying.

¬†Unfortunately they can be all types of bullying whether its cyber bullying, name calling, bashing another person sexual orientation or race. When i heard about this little kid getting bullied to death i knew i had to write about it and maybe lend a helping hand to the thousands of kids who get bullied on an everyday basis. Joel Morales didn’t deserve to die a horrible death but sadly he did. He was constantly picked because he was a bit of nerdy kid and because of his small stature it was hard for him to fight back. The bullies routinely chased this kid home, throwing pipes or whatever they could throw at him. They also bullied him because he didn’t have a dad in life but sorrowfully his dad committed suicide when he was just four months old.

When i heard about this i said to myself damn kids today are getting bullied because their smart, what sense does that make. I mean who makes fun of kids who don’t have a father or are being raised by a single parent. You know this type of stuff that i really can’t tolerate and everyday I pray for those people who are affected by Joel Morales passing. I think people need to understand that words do hurt and people have feelings. I’m first person in a room to laugh and crack jokes but some kids just take it way too far and some kids meet the deadliest consequences when it comes to bullying.

After i heard about this incident i spent a lot of time watching Anti-bullying campaigns online and i listen to people speak about their bullying incidents on YouTube. So if you see cyber bullying or whatever type of bullying going on, stand up and say something. Be a part of solution and not a part of the problem. To kids and other people out there getting bullied stand up for yourselves, don’t listen to negative things people have to say about you, keep your head high and always look for a way out because your not alone. So let’s all band together and stop this madness called bullying because no one wants to live in fear.


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