Grow up or Get out!



Well there goes the Dallas Cowboys quiet off-season because Dez Bryant was recently arrested for a class A Misdemeanor for Domestic Violence against his Mom. Yep that’s right i said his mom and no matter how you look at this can’t be good. Just a two weeks before Training Camp starts in California and he has another stupid mishap. Let me say it’s never right to hit a woman and it’s even worse that person is your own mom. 

This is so frustrating for many Dallas Cowboys fans like myself because it involves Domestic Violence and this is something that i personally don’t stand for. A lot of Cowboy fans have taken to Facebook and Twitter voicing their displeasure about the situation and some even want him off the team. All off-season i heard Dez was bigger, stronger, faster, catching everything in sight and was having a much better rapport with Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo. I thought to myself well that’s great but is he smarter and has he matured and the answer to those questions are no.

I’m a big Dez Bryant fan and have been every since i saw him tear up my beloved Texas Longhorns back in 2007. While everyone was enthralled with Micheal Crabtree from 2007-2009, i had my eyes pealed on Bryant. He reminded of a mixture of Larry Fitzgerald with his leaping ability and his run after the catch skills reminded me of Anquan Boldin. When he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys i leaped for joy because if i knew if he got his mind right and just concentrated on football he’d be a force to be reckon with on the field.

In his first couple of seasons his showed flashes of greatness but not consistency. He’ll make a couple of great plays in the first half that will make you say Wow! and in the the second half disappear like a Houdini act. I figured this year would be his breakout year and put in all together but for the first couple of days of Training Camp this situation will be distraction no matter how you look at it.

Dez’s road to the NFL wasn’t exactly the easiest one because his mom gave birth to him when she was just 13. His dad was never really around and his mom has spent time in jail for drug related charges and even sold drugs when he was younger. Yeah i get it Dez it was easy for you but so many other NFL players come from not so upbringing’s and stay out of jail. If I’m the Dallas Cowboys no i don’t cut him but i will fine him very heavily and tell him this won’t be tolerated. I also get him the help he needs mentally and emotionally from counseling. I’m very happy that guys like Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Miles Austin have come to his aid publicly and i know Jerry Jones will also help him as well.

Dez i don’t want to try you in the court of Public Opinion but it looks very bad and from the 911 call i heard from by his mom this may not have been the 1st time this happened. NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, doesn’t play games when it comes to guys getting arrested or in trouble with the law and won’t hesitate to suspend anyone who violates any type of policy. So Dez it’s all on you know either your going to man up and take responsibility for what you did and take your frustrations out on opposing corners or your just going to be Dez Bryant a receiver with promise who beat up his mom. My advice to Dez be the next great 88 and not just a receiver with potential that never lived up to it. 


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