Breakout Star?


When Demarco Murray was drafted last spring by the Dallas Cowboys a big smile quickly came to my face. I was very familiar with him in college because he played for the team i really can’t stand which is the Oklahoma Sooners. I am a die hard Texas Longhorns fan, i love my burnt orange but this guy always killed my Longhorns. I still remember him as a freshman hurdling over the safety in the fourth quarter and rushing for the game winning touchdown. Demarco Murray was a big time player at big time program and in his Oklahoma Sooners career, he tallied 65 touchdowns most in school history.

Demarco Murray didn’t start until week 7 last season but when he got the opportunity he made the most of it. He rushed for over 250 yards in his first start against the rams and broke Emmitt Smith’s single game rushing record for a Cowboys running back. He followed up those performances with 139 yards against Seattle and 135 yards against Buffalo. In total he rushed for 897 yards and 2 touchdowns, but his Rookie season was cut short with a broken leg.

This season i’m expecting big things for Mr. Murray not only running the ball but catching the ball out of the backfield. I think Murray gets stronger as the game gets into the late stages and he has very good make you miss ability. I love the fact that it doesn’t take one guy to bring him down. The Cowboys have very high expectations for him this year and I believe he can be a workhorse that can drain the clock out. The Cowboys haven’t had a back run over 1,000 yards since 2006 so it’s imperative that he stays healthy this year and the offensive line stays consistant throughout the season.

Ever since his burst onto the scene, he’s got comparisons to former Cowboys great Emmitt Smith. He’s not Emmitt Smith and no one ever will be. Murray reminds me of a younger version of Clinton Portis with his very good cut-back ability and vision. When he gets to open-field look out because he’s got an extra gear that you won’t be catching. This season I expect Demarco Murray to rush for over 1,000 yards and have 7 or 8 toucdowns this season.


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