New Season: New Corners


In 2011 The Dallas Cowboys Corners were very average to say the least. We all saw that Terrence Newman’s once proud skils all but faded away. Enter Free Agent Brandon Carr and Rooke 1st Round Draft Pick Morris Claiborne. I love the fact that Jerry Jones and company targeted him as their top free agent acquisition and they got him. The front office wined and dined Brandon and wouldn’t let him leave the facility without signing a contract. When it was all said and done, Mr. Carr had 50 million dollars in his pocket. This basically means that he’s being paid as an top teir corner the NFL and for that type of money he’d better play like it.

Carr is only 26 and is entering his prime plus i think he made up a very good duo with fellow cornerback Brandon Flowers in Kansas City. I really love the fact that Carr is a big corner( 6’0, 200 lbs) and he can use his long arms to frustrate the opposition. He’s also one of the better press corners in the league and he shows absolutely no fear on gamedays. The Cowboys needed a jolt of life in the secondary and i believe they have that in Brandon Carr because he also gets his hands on a lot of footballs. Mr. Carr there’s a beavy of proficient recivers in the NFC East, you have the talented shifty guys like: Desean Jackson and Victor Cruz. You have the excellent route runners in Pierre Garcon and Jeremy Macklin. You’ve also got the big phsyical recievers in: Hakeem Nicks and Jason Avant. So Carr better be adept at stopping these guys or else the Cowboys secondary might be in a bit of trouble.

I was very surprised when the Cowboys landed LSU’s Morris Claiborne back in April when the NFL draft took place. This guy was simply the best cornerback in all of College Football last season. Tyrann Mathieu aka The HoneyBadger got all the headlines last season but it was Claiborne that lined up on a weekly basis and locked up the opposition. Claiborne was a unanimous first-team All-American and won the Jim Thorpe Award for being the country’s best Defensive Back. He always graded out very similarly to another former Cowboy corner Deion Sanders and immediately Dallas fans think he’s the seond coming of Sanders. Let me say he’s not Deion Sanders so please kill the comparisions because Sanders was a once in a generation type of player and you just didn’t throw it at Deion.

Claiborne played in the SEC where the talent on Saturdays translates well to Sundays. Mr. Claiborne this little leauge called the National Football League is a beast compared to the SEC. I know it will take you a while to adjust to the speed and talent but when you do I know you’ll be a top notch corner in the league. Claiborne is very similar to Brandon Carr in that he’s a big corner and a very good press corner. I know there will be a lot of high expectaions for Claiborne but i do expect him to struggle a bit because quite simply he’s a rookie. By midseason I expect him to be playing consistanty and letting the game come to him. He’s going to make plays on the ball because that’s what he did in college and i believe it will translate well on the next level.

So when this season begins the Dallas Cowboys will have a brandnew look at Cornerback this year. They have what we call “Playmakers” in that secondary. You have guys that are looking to take away ball and take away opposing recievers on Sundays. Are they going top the NFL’s top Defensive Unit? No but they will be much improved unlike they were last yr.




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