The man in the Middle: Sean Lee


If Demarcus Ware is the heart of Dallas Defense then Sean Lee is the pulse of the defense. Lee was my breakout player for 2011 and boy did he deliver big time.In his first season starting, he registered 131 tackles, led the team with interceptions with four and led the team in tackles for loss with eight. Lee is starting to come into his own and is having a great training camp so far. Even with a dislocated left wrist, he didn’t use it as an excuse and played to his highest level. He is now the quarterback of the Dallas Defense and should be for many years to come.

Lee grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and looked to up Steeler greats Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd. He played his college football at Penn State aka Linebacker U. They call it Linebacker U because greats like: Jack Ham, Shane Conlan and Lavar Arrington helped pave the way for the younger generation. Lee won the 2007 Alamo Bowl Defensive MVP and in 2009 was elected captain by his teammates, also was All Big-Ten.

In the spring of 201o, Lee was drafted by the Cowboys and they thought they got a steal with him lasting until the second round. He lasted until the second round because of a torn ACL he suffered in 2008 but he served as an assistant coach that season. Lee learned quickly from veterans like: Bradie James and Kieth Brooking. He’s exactly what Defensive Coordinator Ryan wants in a linebacker because of his tenacity and instincts on the football field.

Lee is always in the middle of a tackle, an interception and a fumble recovery. He’s a guy that always around the football and has a nose for the football. He does a great job in diagnosing the play, getting of the block and making the play. In my opinion he’s one of the better young linebackers playing in the NFL right now. It would surprise if this year is his first Pro-Bowl Season and if he keeps getting year by year he’ll also be one the greatest linebackers to wear a Dallas Cowboy Jersey.


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