Just Another Unsolved Mystery


I was the kid who always stayed up to watch the show Unsolved Mysteries yea I know kinda weird. There was a good reason why I watched the show, it was because i had an unsolved mystery in my family. I had a cousin who got murdered when I was nine years old. To be honest it’s still really hard for me to speak about to this day and it’s still hard for me to think that it’s been over 14 years since he got killed. My cousins name was Jeff and he was like an older brother to me. He showed me a lot about life at an early age, taught some valuable things that i still keep with me to this day.

Jeff grew up in Queens Bridge, yea that Queens Bridge that Mobb Deep, Nas and other rappers rapped about. QB isn’t an easy place to grow up in, drugs, guns, and the police yea that’s just the regular in Queens Bridge. When me and my other cousin would visit, he hold my hand tight and say” Drew just look straight ahead and just keep walking straight”. When i looked to my right i saw guys hustling, shooting dice and when i looked to my left i used to see people doing drugs. That’s something you never forget and it was scary at times. I guess that’s why i have a tendency to always look over my shoulder and always be aware of my surroundings.

My other cousin name was Greg we called him G-Money because he loved G-Money character in the movie New Jack City. Greg does make quite a lot of money today working on Wall Street for the company Standard and Poor’s. I always looked up to them because they knew what they wanted in their futures. Greg wanted to make a lot of money and more over have peace of mind. Jeff just wanted to get out of Queens Bridge and make a better life for himself. He would always say ” Just cause I’m from the ghetto, don’t mean i have to be ghetto.” They both took me under their wing at an early age when i moved from Texas to NYC and i thanked them for it. Even though i saw bad things going on outside they both knew that going that path was either going to jail or end up dead.

They taught me a lot about sports, girls and so many other things. When i was younger they see a couple of girls who they liked and I’d always do the help me help me I’m lost routine and yea it worked every time. Yea we were brothers, Jeff was the oldest, Greg was in the middle and i was the youngest. I still remember days when we just kick back watch old shows, they’d take me to city and other times we’d just laugh and crack jokes all day.

I still remember the day when I heard Jeff was murdered, it was a May Sunday afternoon. I hanging out at my cousins Greg house watching the Yankees play baseball and that’s when we got the phone call that Jeff had been killed. It was one of the hardest days of my life and i was only 9 years old. We found out a few days later that his body had been dumped in a garbage can. Jeff was only 18 when he got killed and was about a month from graduating High school. The day he died a piece of me died because he was a special person put on this earth.

I didn’t even go to school a few days after his death because it he me so hard maybe because of how young i was.  I knew when he was killed that life wasn’t fair and they took something from me that i could never ever get back. No one is ever ready for death but it’s even harder when it strikes in your family. I only had 3 short years with death being that moved to NYC in 1995 and he passed away in 1998 but those years I’ll cherish forever and keep in my heart.

Jeff had a really bright future he was gonna go to a college in Michigan and get a degree. Sometimes i wonder what he’d be doing if he still were alive today and where life would have taken him. I know some people would want revenge for how their family member was killed but not for me it just wouldn’t seem right. All i would ask is why, why take away the person who was like a big brother to me, and why take a piece of me.

When i go see him at his grave, i always crack joke make him laugh, then i tell him how i’m doing, and how others in the family are doing. I make peace with him, light a few candles, place the flowers on grave and say a few prayers. I started watching the show Unsolved Mysteries shortly after he passed but his case never came up. To this day i still don’t who killed my cousin or why they killed him. It’s okay though because I’ve learned to live with his passing and i know that I have a guardian angel not just watching over me but my whole family.




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