The Amazing 2012 season for Adrian Peterson

The 2012 season for Adrian Peterson was nothing short of scintillating. Big plays, long runs, broken tackles and touchdown runs is what he gave fans every week he took the field. Right now, Peterson is the best running back in the National Football League. He also does this things with class, dignity and is a true pro on and off the field. His nickname is “AD” which stands for all day and he can sure punish a defense all day long. This season he ran for over 2,000 yards and was just nine yards short of Eric Dickerson’s record for the most rushing yards (2,105).

Peterson played collegiality at the University of Oklahoma. Once on campus, Peterson made his mark on history in his three yr stay at Oklahoma. 2004 was his freshman season and he led the Sooners to National Championship. They lost to USC 55-19 in the National Championship Game. During the 04 season, he rushed for 1,925 yards a freshman record that still stands. He was a Unanimous All-American and came in 2nd that yr in the Heisman Trophy selection. During his college career(2004-2007) he rushed for 4,045 yards just 73 behind Sooner great Billy Simms as Oklahoma’s all time leader rusher.

Back in 2007, Peterson was drafted 7th overall by the Minnesota Vikings. He would take the league by storm in his rookie season. He won rookie of the yr, earned a pro-bowl selection and earned an All-Pro honors nod as well. During his rookie campaign, Peterson rushed for 1,341 yards and 12 touchdowns. By 2009 he had become the best back in the league and the vikings had enjoyed great success that season. They had a deep run that season going 12-4 but they would lose to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game. That season he turned it up a notch as he rushed for over 1,300 yards and 18 touchdowns. He once again was a Pro-Bowler and an All-Pro.

During the 2010 and 2011 seasons, the vikings didn’t meet expectations and had losing records in those two years. Peterson enjoyed individual success but the Vikings did not. On December 24, 2011, against the Washington Redskins Peterson tore his ACL and MCL. It was the first time he had failed to rush for over 1,000 yards. The injury was gruesome and Peterson was going to have to go through long months of rehabilitation to get back to the player he was. Some even question whether he was even going to be half of his self.

In training camp this past yr, Peterson had to be held back in some drills. The rehab had payed off. He returned to the gridiron, with a renewed purpose and set his sights on Eric Dickerson’s old record. He was one of the league leaders in rushing by week 7, but after that he took off reeling off eight straight games in which he ran for over a hundred yards. Against Green Bay in Week 12, he topped the 200 yard mark and again in Week 14 rushed for 212 yards against St.Louis.

From then on, he was a one of favorites for not only NFL Comeback player of the yr but also the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award. In must a must win game against Green Bay during the final week of the season, he once again delivered a sensational performance. He rushed for 199 yards and 2 touchdowns, as the Vikings beat the Packers 37-34. He finished the season with 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Few backs in the NFL run with the speed, power and ferocity that Peterson does. He is truly a workhorse because he is basically all Minnesota has and every week he performs to the best of his abilities. Every season except the 2011 season, Peterson has earned All-Pro honors. At 27 he has rushed for 8,849 yards and 76 touchdowns. He was one of the few players today that on any play that can take to end zone. He is also surely destined for Canton, Ohio when retires but hopefully that’s a long way off. This season he should be the NFL MVP and also the NFL’s Comeback Player of the yr.

I salute Adrian Peterson for a great 2012 campaign and also fighting back from a terrible injury that could derailed his NFL future. Kudos to Adrian Peterson for a damn good season.







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