It’s more than just a game

Ever since i was a kid I’ve been in love with sports. It started when i was about 3 yrs old and just running around playing catch with my dad and uncles. My dad isn’t a sports fan but most of my uncles are and my mom is a big time basketball fan. She gets so excited when she’s watching playoff basketball, the loving woman i know turns into a complete basketball nut when her teams are playing. I guess i get my love of sports from her side of the family. If you know me you know that I’m always talking sports, speaking about what player is good or not or how my teams can get to level they need to be at. Sports for me is a way of life and i wouldn’t know what I’d do without baseball season, college football, March Madness, NBA Thursday nights on TNT and my favorite Football Sundays.

I get so excited when my teams are playing, it’s like i can’t control my emotions. I understand that i’ll never be 6’5 with a killer jump shoot, I’ll never be able to crush a baseball like Josh Hamilton, run for game breaking touchdowns like Adrian Peterson or make people foolish like Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo does in soccer. I can do 1 thing though, i can be a fan and can cheer non-stop for my team. It’s the excitement, it’s the crowd, it’s the atmosphere that makes us sports fans go absolute crazy. It’s the love of the game and we can’t help but get sucked into it.

I always say sports it’s art in it’s finest form. You can’t help but admire athletes playing the sport they loved since they were kids. I think it’s awesome that we live in a world where we can go to sporting events and forget about out daily issues. Sports is our way of reliving stress and getting away from the hardships of life. Some of my favorite moments in life are sports related but some of my lowest moments came in life because of sports.

I can’t stand when people say this” It’s only just a game.” That is the biggest sack of garbage that I’ve ever heard in my life. Tell Yankee fans that their pinstripes and 27 championships is just a game. Tell Dallas Cowboys fans that star and every that comes with playing for America’s team is just a game. Tell Celtics and Laker fans that the rivalry between those two teams is just a game. Go tell soccer fans that World Cup is just a game. Go tell North Carolina fans that beating Duke is just a game. Go tell Ohio State fans that playing against Michigan is just another game. Please i don’t wanna hear it, it’s more than just a game to me and millions upon millions sports fans around the world. It’s why we buy the memorabilia of our favorite teams, it’s why we make just enough time to watch our favorite teams during that week, it’s why we tale gate with people we don’t even know. It’s why we trash talk with our friends and family. It’s why we go crazy every time our teams accomplish greatness. It’s why you don’t speak to us after our team loses in a heart breaking fashion.

Sports was the first thing I’ve ever fell in love with in life and it’s not going change anytime soon. Being a sports fans is everything to me and it’s my way of life. I guess if your a true sports fan, you can understand this piece and if your not well hopefully i just gave you an insight to a sports fan. Sports might not be for everybody but it’s the reason i constantly check on stats, check on what my teams and rivals are doing. Sports is kinda like a good TV show. You have Drama, Intrigue and most of the time you get a great cliffhanger with than even better ending. Yea I’m Sports fanatic and it’s quite simply more than just a game to everyone who is just like me.


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