Matt Kemp’s Act of Kindness

Matt Kemp’s Act of Kindness

Matt Kemp's Act of kindness

Matt Kemp is a Superstar Center Fielder the Los Angeles Dodgers and is one of the best players in all of Major League Baseball. He usually makes headlines for his on field accomplishments but a recent video surfaced that showed his gracious side.

In the link up above, Kemp gives his hat, his jersey, his cleats and autographs a baseball for a fan. This isn’t just any fan but a this a 19 yr old Cancer stricken fan who goes by the name of Joshua Jones. Jones has Cancer is only given a short time to live by doctors. Matt Kemp is his favorite player and was on cloud 9 after the selfless act by Kemp.

” It was a one in a lifetime experience,” Jones said.

He also had a message for all kids who have Cancer.

” All those kids who have cancer, stay strong and live life to the fullest,” Jones said.

Steve Jones, Josh’s dad arranged Kemp to come meet him after game. Kemp showed class and dignity even after his team was swept in three game series by the rival San Francisco Giants.

Matt Kemp also has his own charity called ” Kemp’s Kids” which he helps inner city kids in Los Angeles, Arizona and his native Oklahoma. He also donates $250,000 to children to Kemp’s Kids. Matt has also help raised over $ 400,000 for families affected by autism and donated $10,000 to his native Oklahoma City his new campaign ” Score against Hunger”. His kindness and good warmheartedness doesn’t stop there, recently a deadly tornado ravaged his home state of Oklahoma. He pledged to donated $1,000 for every home run he hits up until the All-Star Break, he also donated $250,000 out of his pocket to help aid in relief efforts.

Matt Kemp is one of the truly good guys we have in sports and we need more athletes like him. He is an All-Star on the field but one off the field as well.


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