To the Limit: GM 7 Spurs vs Heat. 2013 NBA Finals



The NBA Season ends tonight with one last game and it’s for all the marbles. One game tonight will determine who will win the 2013 NBA Finals. The series is tied between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat 3-3. So you know what that means it comes down to game 7 to determine who will be walking off with the Larry O’Brien Trophy tonight. 

To sports fans game 7 is the climax to a great movie and what a great series it’s been so far. Game 1 saw, Tony Parker make a miraculous shot while almost falling down to beat the heat 92-88. In game 2 we saw Miami annihilate the spurs by 19, 103-84. In game 3, San Antonio throttled the heat 113-77. In Game 4, we saw the resurgence of Dwyane Wade as he poured in 32 points and Miami got a pivotal road win the tie series at 2-2 games a piece. In Game 5, Manu Ginobli came up huge for the spurs, scoring 26 points as San Antonio went on to beat Miami 114-104. In Game 6, just when all hope was lost for Miami Lebron James went crazy basically taking over the 4th quarter and Overtime scoring 18 points finishing the night with 32 points,10 rebounds and 11 assists. It was Ray Allen who saved Miami in the waning seconds as he hit a game tying 3 pointer to force overtime. He also sank a couple free throws to preserve a 103-100 win tying the series at 3-3.

Lebron James is a player that needs to perform tonight in order for the Heat to bring home back to back Championships. At times in this series he’s looked at a bit to tentative and San Antonio Greg Popovich has done a nice job in devising a plan to defend the four time MVP. Lebron needs to attack the basket just like he did in the previous game and embrace the big stage just like did in the 2012 NBA Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Tony Parker has become and elite level point guard in the NBA. He’s come a long way from the 19 yr old who came off the plane from France back in 2001. Parker is Spurs best player but lately he hasn’t been playing like it. A hamstring injury has slowed him down quite considerably and he’s having consistency issues ever since sustaining the injury. Parker must drive drive ball and get into the lane and get easy shots for himself, Tim Duncan and the Spurs plethora of 3 point shooters from the outside.

Pressure points:

Dwanye Wade has come under a lot of scrutiny lately. He’s been very inconsistent all series long as well as being hampered by a knee injury has reduced his explosiveness. Except for a 32 outburst in gm 4, Wade hasn’t been himself. He under immense pressure to come up big tonight in order for the Heat to raise another Championship banner.

Manu Ginobli has played very poorly for most of the playoffs. In Game 5 he scored 26 points but that’s really been it. He’s turned the ball over at an alarming rate and hasn’t given the spurs that extra scoring punch they need. He’s under huge pressure to perform tonight.

X Factors:

Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard are going to be key tonight if the Spurs want to bring home their 5th NBA Championship back to San Antonio. Leonard has been more of the steady force averaging 14.2 points per game. In the heart breaking loss to Heat in Game 6, he scored 22 points but missed a free throw that could have wrapped up a victory for the Spurs. Danny Green is the more explosive scorer between the two as he has averaged 16.2 points per game. The Spurs going to need the Danny Green who scored 17 in gm 2, 27 in gm 3 and 24 in gm 5. They don’t need the the guy who came up small in gm 6 who scored three points.

3 point shooting for Miami

When Miami hits their 3’s they are tough to beat. This basically means Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller the onus is on you guys to take and make your 3 point shots with confidence when your number is called. Miami was one of the league leaders in 3pt% and 3pt shots attempted this season.

Tonight’s Game 7 Forecast

1) Your stars must play like stars. Which means your best players have to rise to moment and not be afraid of the moment. For Miami Lebron James must play like the 4x MVP and take his team on his back. Chris Bosh has got give Miami a presence rebounding the ball and has got to hit the open shot. Dwyane Wade has to reach back play like D-Wade in the past. He must be constant from start to finish.

On the Spurs side, Tim Duncan has to continue to dominant in the paint for the Spurs and be a defensive presence for them. The Heat simply can’t guard Duncan and at 37 he’s still playing at a high level averaging 17.6 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game. Tony Parker has to be the orchestrator tonight for the spurs and cause havoc against Miami more importantly he has to raise his level of play. Manu Ginobli hasn’t played well all series we all know this by know but it’s imperative that he play well on the offensive and defensive ends for the spurs to win tonight.

2) Who wants it more. Both teams know what it takes win an NBA Championship. The Spurs have won four Championships in a ten year span. They are one of dominant teams in the past fifteen years bringing home titles in 1999, 2003,2005 and 2007. Miami also knows what takes to bring home a ring. They have made three straight NBA Finals appearances bringing home championships in 2006 and 2012. It all comes down to who has the mental fortitude to win the NBA Trophy. By now Miami knows the Spurs personnel and what they like to run and vice versa. It boils down to are you willing to go the extra mile to bring home the NBA’s biggest prize.

Tonight at 9pm we’ll find who comes out on top of this battle between Miami and San Antonino. Are Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Greg Popovich going to add 5th NBA Title to their Trophy Case? or is it time for Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh going to be back-back Champions?

It’s Game 7, 1 game, 1 moment to prove who is the best and who will be crowned your 2012-2013 NBA Champions.


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