Mo’s Moment: Mariano Rivera 2013 All-Star MVP.


When you hear “Enter Sandman” that means one thing Mariano Rivera is on his way out to close out the baseball game. Rivera is still the best closer in baseball and has the most saves in MLB history with 639 saves and counting. He’s won every award possible for a baseball player and his name is synonymous with greatness. Rivera is in his final season with Yankees and is giving fans one last breath of prominence before heading off into retirement after 2013 MLB season is over. He gave baseball fans a moment to remember in last week’s 2013 MLB All-Star Game.

He came into the game with his illustrious music “Enter Sandman” playing in the Top of the 8th inning but before he could get to the mound the crowd embraced him with cheers,acclamation and fan fare. All the players on both teams got off the field and let Mariano have this moment for himself and his soon to be Hall-of-Fame career. Both players from each dugout clapping and cheering. Rivera tipped his cap to the fans at Citi Field that night but we as baseball fans tipped our caps to Rivera for a wonderful 19yr career. You could see Rivera getting visibly choked up he thanked the fans. When he got back on the mound he took of business like he always does: Inning over 1-2-3.

The Game was over and the American League won 3-0 and Rivera got the game’s Most Valuable Player. The award was well deserved and it couldn’t have gone to a more humble person. He’s has 5 World Series rings and saved 4 of those Championships for the team in Pinstripes. Rivera is one of those players you can tell your grandchildren that you saw play. His All-Star game MVP Honor is another notch in his remarkable career. He’s also the essence of a true Yankee: honorable, courageous and a damn good ball player. As baseball fans we say thanks for the memories you gave us thank you for doing everything in a classy manner.

Mariano Rivera:2013 All-Star Game MVP.


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