Ryan Braun PED Controversy


Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Ryan Braun used to come to the plate with chants of MVP, MVP, MVP! from the crowd now lately he’s been hearing different chants about his baseball career. Now all you hear about Braun is that he’s been linked to PED’s ( Performance Enhancing Drugs). He was recently suspended by Major League Baseball for the rest of the season because of PED use. A tough losing season was just made even harsher with Braun’s involvement with PED’s. Braun is the face of the Milwaukee and now has been dropped by Nike because of his steroid use.

Braun’s involvement with PED’s is just the latest black eye for baseball. What makes this case worse than all the other steroid cases is that Braun was the 2011 National League MVP. He and Prince Fielder took the Brewers the National Championship Series but ultimately lost to the St.Louis Cardinals in six games. That off-season, Braun was rewarded with $145 million dollar contract. Baseball thought in Braun they had their next superstar for the foreseeable future, turns out braun had us all fooled.

Braun’s name began to surface with PED’s in 2011 off-season when a urine sample tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. Elevated levels of testosterone call for 50 game suspension because it’s a PED violation. He appealed and won because his urine sample was handled incorrectly. In 2012 he shined once again leading the Brewers in Home Runs with 41 and led the National League in On Base Percentage-.987. It seemed that the Steroid Controversy was behind him and he could focus on baseball.

In January a report surfaced from Biogenesis that big name ball players had been supplied with human growth hormones and other PED’s. Braun’s name was one of the names that came up in that report. He’s clearly tied to Biogenesis clinic director Anthony Bosch. When asked about the Biogenesis controversy in Spring Training Braun said,”The truth hasn’t changed, I’ve dealt with this on and off for the last year and a half. I think I’m pretty good at avoiding distractions.”

Well Ryan Braun you can run but you can’t hide. Yeah you avoided and side stepped some people but Major League Baseball and the PED’s caught up with you. Your squeaky clean image is now tainted by your steroid use and now you’ll labeled as a cheater for the rest of your career. What’s really sad about the situation is that Braun seems like the kind of guy who will step over anyone or anybody to get what he wants. He deserved to be suspended for the rest of season and in my opinion into next season. He should also stripped of his Rookie of the Year Honors which he won back in 2007 and his MVP award in 2011.

The thing about PED’s is this it makes bad players good, good players great and great players Hall Of Famers. Braun should be made an example of and no one should take pity on him. He was the one who took the PED’s and lied to himself, his teammates, the fans and the city of Milwaukee. Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was a close friend of Braun didn’t want to believe that he took PED’s but like the rest of us he certainly shocked and appalled by the whole situation.  Just imagine what fans think of Ryan Braun at this moment and time. Imagine the hundreds of little kids who looked to Braun as hero, what’s going through their minds now. Just imagine what his teammates think of Braun now as they left to answer a slew of questions about his PED use. Does Ryan Braun deserve everything that he’s getting now, absolutely is my answer and as Braun looks into the miror when he only has himself to blame.


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