The Attitude Era


Remember when you couldn’t wait to watch Monday Right Raw or a Smackdown. I know I’m not the only one who misses those days. Remember when wrestling was the coolest and hottest thing growing up. You couldn’t miss anything because you didn’t wanna be left out of the conversation at school if you missed wrestling that night before. I know some people are going to be like, dude grow up that stuff was fake anyway. Yes we all knew wrestling was scripted but just like millions of other kids who are in their early 20’s that was a part of my childhood.

Watching on television the crowd would go crazy when guys like Degeneration X, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show and Chris Jericho would come out to the ring. That era was electric, it kept fans on the edge of the seat and it was enjoyable to watch. Fans would yell, scream and ladies in the audience would flash like it was nothing. That era is known to many fans as the Attitude Era. What made this era so great in my opinion were a few things. WWE was getting big time competition from WCW so WWE had to reinvent themselves. They made young stars such as: Triple H, The Rock, Edge and Christian, Kurt Angle and the Hardy Boyz just name a few. I wished i was a part of DX because crazy, lewd, outrageous things they would do on a weekly basis. I loved Stone Cold because he was that beer drinking, foul mouth SOB who shoved up his bosses Vince McMahon’s ass and didn’t care about the consequences. I loved the Rock because he was the people’s champion and had the crowd in the palm of his hand with his funny lines and catchy phrases. I don’t know how people couldn’t like wrestling at that time, i mean it was edgy and it was just the thing to watch.

Some of the memorable moments i can remember was when Bret Hart was involved in the “Montreal Screwjob” with Shawn Michaels in 1997. Or how bout when the Undertaker’s brother Kane finally reveled himself and choke slammed his brother in 1998. I still remember when Stone Cold beat Shawn Michaels for the championship at Wrestlemania 14. How about when Stone Cold got run down by a car in December of 1999. When Triple H married Stephanie McMahon when she was supposed to have married Test. To say the least that left me speechless. I still have visions of the Big Show choke slamming the Undertaker and the ring broke.

My favorite wrestler to this day is Triple H because he started as face (good guy) but fans loved him even more as a heel (bad guy). At that time he was the most ruthless and would do anything to win the Championship. I still remember him and the Rock going at it in the yr 2000. I still remember the Iron Man Match they had at Judgment Day. I also loved his rivalry with Stone Cold because they both hated each others guts. They couldn’t stand one another and they would go at one another whenever they got the chance. I remember leading up to No Way 2001, both Triple H and Stone Cold couldn’t touch each other because of zero tolerance. If Austin had contact with Triple H he’d lose his shot at the title at Wrestlemania and if Triple H had contact with Austin he’d be suspended for six months. 

What really made that time was defiantly the fans. The fans decided if you were a popular character or not. Every show was packed to the rafters and thousands of die hard wrestling fans. WWE merchandise was flying of the shelves at that time, video games, t-shirts, cups just about anything WWE related was turning a big time money profit. They had so many good storyline’s. I still remember the Invasion storyline when Shane McMahon bought WCW and Stephanie McMahon bought ECW right under their dads nose. The McMahon-Helmsley era and how bout when the radicals made their debut in WWE. The matches were in better, how bout the 1st ever Tables-Ladders and Chairs match at Summerslam 2000. I still remember going bonkers on what was happening inside the ring between: Matt and Jeff Hardy, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian.

The females could also hold their own in the ring also. Not only were they beautiful but they could kick some ass in the ring. Lita was a part of Team Xtreme with the Hardy Boyz, There was Ivory, Jackie, Sable, Sunny, Trish Stratus and the ninth wonder of the World Chyna. All the ladies could entertain you all while having stunning physical appearances. 

Wrestlemania 17 is still my favorite Wrestlemania of all time. You had the Rock and Stone Cold going at it for the belt. You had Triple H and the Undertaker going at in No Disqualification match. You had Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz battling for the tag titles in Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. I still remember being so hype for the match promos as well as the matches themselves. To me it didn’t matter if you were going for the WWE title, Intercontinental title, Tag titles, European title or Hardcore title. You had to bring it every single night to ring, for fans in the crowd and for people watching at home.

The moments were priceless like when Vince McMahon joined forces with Triple H at Wrestlemania 16 when he screwed the Rock out of the belt. The next yr he screwed the Rock again when joined forces with his enemy Stone Cold. How bout when Kurt Angle blasted the Alliance with a milk truck in 2001. What about when Triple H joined forces with Stone Cold forming the “Two man Powertrip”. How bout when the NWO when their debut in 2002. Remember when the Rock battled Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18 and when Hulk Hogan climbed to the top again when he beat Triple H at Backlash in 2002. How cool was it to see the Hulkster win the undisputed championship and see hulkamania running wild on all of us again. How cool was to see Undertaker and Kane aka ” The Brothers of Destruction” working side by side and winning the tag titles.

I seriously remember those moments like it was yesterday. I loved wrestling back then because everything about it was new and cool. I wish we could go back to yesteryear and relieve those moments but we can’t live in the past. I remember the crowd hanging onto every word as Triple H made his return in January 2002 as he announced he was entering the the Royal Rumble that year. The moments and times were special because as we knew it we were in a special time. The Attitude Era was everything to me when i was young and I’m just glad i got to experience it like other kids who were growing up around that same time.




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