Tony Romo: A Polarizing Figure


Welcome to Dallas, Welcome to high expectations and most of all welcome to pressure that goes along with being the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback. Since late October 2006, Tony Romo has been the Cowboys starting quarterback. He’s had some very good moments and some not so good moments but if you ask me he’s one of best quarterbacks in the NFL today. Is he an elite quarterback? no but he’s still a very a good one and I believe he’s got what it takes to bring a Super Bowl Trophy back to Dallas.

I was there in his first start on October 29, 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday Night Football. Boy it was a great start because Dallas quickly fell into a 14-0 whole but he rallied the troops and Dallas won 35-14. There was 1 play i distinctly remember, it was a 3rd&12 inside Panthers territory. A big blitz was coming for him, he stood in there took a huge hit but he completed the pass for a 1st down. I thought to myself the Cowboys have finally found themselves a quarterback.

Romo didn’t even start the first few years in the league, the cowboys were able to stash and develop him into a very good starter. Since 2006, he’s gone on to have a couple Pro Bowl Appearances, a couple of division titles and just one playoff win. I know a lot of people say Tony Romo fails on the big stage and some of those critics might be right. They can easily point to the botch snap in 2006, the interception at the end of Giants playoff game back in 2007, the 44-6 beat down at the hands of the eagles back in 2008. I notice those same critics never bring up beating the big bully in Philly 3 times in 2009. Him knocking off 2 undefeated teams back in 2006 and 2009 and yea he for sure outplayed Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in those two games.

There was a lot expected out of Dallas back in 2010, well they got to a horrid start and Romo was put on the shelf with a broken collarbone and was done for the season. Last yr in 2011 he came back with a renewed purpose and was one of the best quarterbacks in league last season with 31 touchdowns and just ten interceptions.He’s also one of the best quarterback when it comes to 4th quarter and he’s got the 2nd highest passer rating of all time. Yea i know he had the two foul ups with Jets and Lions but other than that he was pretty damn good.

There’s also a lot made about Tony Romo’s so called lack off ” Leadership”. A leader doesn’t want to go back in after he’s got a broken collarbone. A leader doesn’t get up off the bench and throw the game-winning pass while suffering from hurt ribs and a punctured lung. A leader doesn’t call out his receivers or offensive line when there not playing up to par. A leader doesn’t dame sure play his heart every weeks and lays it on the line like Tony Romo does. To me Romo always gives his team a chance to win every time they go out onto the field and that’s all you can ask for.Yea i know there’s some people who make a big deal every time he plays golf in the off-season. You what i say to you big freaking deal, let the guy play golf if it’s his way of relaxing then so be it.

I remember the dark days of watching Anthony Wright, Vinny Testaverde, Quincy Carter and Clint Stoerner play Quarterback for the Cowboys after Troy Aikman retired. Hell let me call it what it was a damn joke that those guys even wore a Cowboys jersey. Former Dallas Cowboys greats like Troy Aikman, Rodger Staubach have publicly said that Romo does have what it takes to to win a Super Bowl. Those two greats i know aren’t just blowing smoke, Aikman wears three Super Bowl rings and Staubach wears 2 rings also.

I recently saw were Tony Romo was 91st in the NFL Top 100 players. Really Tony Romo only 91st? gimme a break, dude is one of the best quarterbacks in the game point blank period and your a fool if you don’t realize that. To me in he’s in the 2nd tear of quarterbacks in the league and with more consistency and with a Super Bowl win he’ll be sitting at the head of the table with the: Manning’s, Brees and Brady. Amani Toomer also had some interesting points on Romo saying he would take Romo over his former Quarterback Eli Manning. Hey Amani thanks for supporting Romo but Eli’s got two rings, Tony doesn’t have any. I think there’s two things that Eli has that Romo doesn’t, a consistent running game and a defense that can rise to the occasion.

The 2012 NFL season is about to take place in a couple of months and all I’m hearing is this the year that Romo will win a Super Bowl. First off let’s focus on winning the division and getting into the playoffs first. All i need from Romo is to play within himself, don’t make the stupid play and turn it up a notch when you get into December. Is he going to make a mistake? yea no quarterback is perfect but it’s how you bounce back from those mistakes that makes you a better quarterback. I know Romo has got the talent to put his team on his back but as we know football is the ultimate team sport. It takes 53 guys together working in harmony and playing their best when their number is called. I’ve always been a Romo supporter and will continue to be but the clock is ticking on you and your legacy in Dallas Tony. You can sit at the table with Rodger and Troy with big rings. Or you can be Danny White who was a pretty darn good quarterback in his own right but never got the Cowboys over the hump. We as fans want you to win Tony but it’s how bad you and the cowboys want to win and bring a 6th Superbowl Trophy back to Dallas.

Tony Romo: A Polarizing Figure.


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